Visteon Corporation (Nasdaq: VC), a leading cockpit electronics supplier, and ZongMu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a China-based supplier of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), today announced a strategic cooperation agreement to develop certain Level 3-plus autonomous driving solutions.

Under the agreement, Visteon Asia Pacific Inc. – a Visteon subsidiary in China – and ZongMu Technology will leverage their strengths to jointly develop a self-parking solution integrating Visteon’s DriveCore™ autonomous driving platform and ZongMu’s autonomous parking system.

Markus Schupfner, chief technology officer for Visteon, said the cooperative agreement with ZongMu supports Visteon’s commitment to collaborate with highly respected technology partners to advance autonomous driving in the fast-growing China market.

“Our selection of ZongMu as a technology partner in fully autonomous parking is based on its product solutions and technological capabilities, and will help accelerate implementation of serial production of final products,” Schupfner said.

Tang Rui, founder and CEO of ZongMu Technology, stated: “As a global leading technology company, Visteon has made a lot of active investment in autonomous driving. We look forward to collaborating with Visteon, following a pragmatic and creative approach to further define the product and rigorously create a viable Level 4 autonomous driving product application.”

Introduced in January and shown recently at the Beijing Motor Show, Visteon’s DriveCore™ is a complete technology platform consisting of the hardware, in-vehicle middleware and PC-based software toolset needed to develop machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving applications of Level 3 and above. DriveCore™ can provide automakers a fail-safe domain controller, with a high degree of computing power scalability, which supports the integration of data from multiple camera, Lidar and radar sensors.

ZongMu Technology’s parking product line covers a wide range of products, including high-definition panoramic parking assistance, intelligent parking warning, automatic parking, remote parking and autonomous parking. ZongMu is committed to creating a full range of serial production parking applications. These include a fully autonomous parking solution that automatically parks the vehicle in the nearest parking space, or the space defined by a “smart” parking lot, after the passenger arrives at the destination. When the passenger is ready to depart, the vehicle will reach the area designated by the passenger for pickup.