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Currently, the R&D teams in Sofia are interested in high-tech oriented engineers to join the projects that lead the trends for smarter and more autonomous vehicle.

Over the years we have grown to a technical center with full competence for transforming customer requirements to fully tested solutions ready to be deployed in mass production. We achieve this by effective collaboration between our major departments – System Requirements, Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Software Development, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Connected Car&Cloud, Quality and System Validation. If you want to become a part of the Visteon team and you have a passion for technology, browse the open positions:


Internship Program

Engineering is about using theory in practice.
Visteon is in close collaboration with technical schools and universities in Bulgaria to support educational programs with technical relevant updates, equipment sponsorships and guest speakers.

Our Annual Internship Program with duration up to 12 months provide unique opportunity to work on real customer projects, learn from experienced engineering team and feel company spirit. Students benefit from flexible work time schedule that allows them to remain focused on studies and personal projects.

Turn your passion into profession! Design your future – learn, develop and grow in global environment.
Create cars of the future!

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Welcome on board

On-Boarding Program –get understanding on company’s culture, achievements, teams and processes for successful integration.

Mentor Program

A mentor will make sure you learn fast in fail-safe environment.

Technical Programs

Trainings in advanced technologies and tools is essential for our market leading position.

Soft Skills Programs

Building capabilities to effectively collaborate in global environment.

Team Workshops and Events

Workshops and team events to learn how to stick and grow as high-performing team.

Authentic Leaders in Action

Our leader learning cycles will support you to develop your own style of engaging others…


Explore your potential, develop you and your team through engaging coaching programs. Take part in company transformation journey…

Develop by doing

We foster culture of continuous learning though hands-on experience, sharing knowledge and taking charge of own development.

Social Responsibility

Throughout its history in time, Visteon is doing business in accordance with approved standards. The company
operates on the principle always to follow the right choice. This is what improves the business results,
reputation, productivity and jobs in Visteon.

The Sofia team is also involved in numerous volunteer activities focusing on either local communities help or environmental initiatives. Thanks to it’s employees the company provides vision, values, special skills, human resources and financial resources to enrich the quality of life and opportunities for citizens. All projects and ideas were initiated and organized by the employees of Visteon Sofia.

  • Working with all Technical Universities in the country – Technical University Sofia, Technical University Plovdiv, Technical University Gabrovo, Technical University Varna, Rousse University etc.
  • Investing in Laboratories.
  • RoboLeague Bulgaria – sponsoring the first national robotics contest.

  • Protected Home, Lukovit
  • Razliv Orphanage
  • Pernik DayCare Center “Good Heart”
  • Medical Center Montana
  • Orphanage “Asen Zlatarov”, Sofia
  • Project “Get involved”
  • Crisis center for children affected by violence “Viara, Nadezhda I Liubov”
  • SOS Kinderdorf
  • Foundation “Dechitsa”
  • Orphanage “Nikola Vaptsarov”, Roman

  • Christmas, Martentisa and Easter charity markets in the office – charity events on which the children from Lukovit protected home, Day care center Pernik and Roman orphanage are selling art pieces, created by themselves. The collected money from the bazaars are used to purchase materials for their art classes.
  • “Sweets charity bazaars” – the employees of Visteon create homemade delicacies and sell them among their colleagues. The money are used to support various causes.
  • Charity photo contest – organized among the employees of Visteon in support of different charity projects
  • Animal Rescue Sofia – Every year the employees of Visteon purchase the calendar with the animals of Animal Rescue Sofia
  • Donation to St. Nicolas Orphanage, Novi Han – the employees of Visteon Sofia donated toys, food, sheets and blankets, books for children, various kitchen utensils and money.
  • Donation to Kindergarten “Prolet”, Kazanlak – with donated vouchers from the employees of Visteon Sofia, the kindergarten managed to secure all radiators in the rooms with special fences, so that the children can play safely.
  • Taking part in AmCham “Volunteering day”
  • Annual blood donation in association with Bulgarian Red Cross

  • Annual Christmas parties – Each year Visteon Sofia organizes great Christmas parties for all employees. They are a perfect opportunity to bring everyone together, providing a lot of fun, a lot of dance on favorite music and full relax after the dynamics of the everyday work.
  • Team spirit – the employees in Visteon Sofia know how to have fun. Different teams have their different way to do this – rafting, paintball, carting, bowling and many others.
  • Test drives – as cars are part of our daily work it is necessary to have some fun with them. Regularly test drives are being organized in our office and all colleagues have the opportunity to get in touch with the newest models on the market. Most of which of course have our products in them.

  • Visteon Sofia football team – our colleagues from the football team take part in the IT football league
  • Visteon Sofia internal football tournament – 8 teams compete twice a year in the Visteon Sofia football tournament. A nice way to combine sports and teambuilding
  • Visteon Sofia Foosball Tournament – Jaga-foosball tournament took place in the office of Visteon Sofia and was another great opportunity for getting the colleagues together
  • Тennis tournament – Visteon Sofia participated several times in annual tennis tournaments
  • Visteon Sofia volleyball team
  • Visteon Sofia Table Tennis teams

Visteon Sofia provides constantly growing work-life balance program, which provides its employees a variety of goods and services on preferential prizes, including auto services, bank services, insurances, vacation and health services etc.
Visteon Sofia appreciates every effort the employees invest in the development of the business. Several recognition programs are available to promote the achievements of our colleagues and to reward the loyal service.