Throughout its history in time, we at Visteon is doing business in accordance with approved standards. The company
operates on the principle always to follow the right choice. This is what improves the business results,
reputation, productivity and jobs in Visteon.

Visteon Sofia RnD Center is also involved in numerous volunteer activities focusing on either local communities help or environmental initiatives. Thanks to it’s employees the company provides vision, values, special skills, human resources and financial resources to enrich the quality of life and opportunities for citizens. All projects and ideas were initiated and organized by our employees.

Charity events

Charity bazaars

  • We are organizing traditional Christmas, Martentisa and Easter charity markets in the office, inviting our partners from different NGOs and Institutions for children without parental care or people with mental and/or physical disabilities. They are selling art pieces, created by themselves. The collected money from the bazaars are used to purchase materials for their art therapy classes and to support their everyday needs.
  • Every year with great pleasure we participate on art activities and workshops with NGO “Dechitsa” in creating martenitsi and Christmas cards while they are preparing for different charity bazaars.
  • “Sweets charity bazaars” – Many employees of Visteon create homemade delicacies and sell them among their colleagues. The money are used to support various causes.

Animal welfare

  • Animal Rescue Sofia – Every year the employees of Visteon purchase the calendar in support of  the animals in Animal Rescue Sofia initiative
  • We often visit our friends at Animal rescue shelters to help them walk the dogs
  • We have procured blankets for the dogs at the communal shelter in Gorni Bogorov
  • We volunteered to put up new houses for the dogs and to clean and feed the animals at the “Help animal in need” foundation’s shelter in Eremiya village.

Donation campaigns

  • Every year the bikers at our office “Visteon Moto Group” prepare Moto calendars and mugs for charity bazaars in support of disadvantaged children.
  • We actively participate in annual blood donation in association with Bulgarian Red Cross.
  • The last three years we have supported several events of the foundation ParaKids in order to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities through adapted sports.
  • Visteon Running Team participates in different charity marathons in support of disadvantaged groups in society and people with diseases.
  • And numerous donation campaigns initiated by our employees in support of people in their fight against different diseases.

Creative workshops

  • Visteon Moto Group organizes workshop „Road safety “ for kids, at Kids at work day.
  • Every year with great pleasure we participate on art activities and workshops with NGO “Dechitsa” in creating martenitsi and Christmas cards while they are preparing for different charity bazaars.


National campaigns` support

  • Since 2017 we are collecting plastic caps to support of NGO “Caps in action”. The cause of the campaign is to donate infant incubators to different hospital in the country, bought with the income from the recycled plastic caps.

Educational initiatives


We believe education is the first step to success and we do our best to boost education system through different programs and events.

  • Some of our colleagues are teachers in “Technical University – Sofia” and “TUES”.
  • Other colleagues visit different schools to help young talents learn more about technologies and what are advantages of learning engineering disciplines.
  • Visteon Bulgaria is a member of the board of trustees in Professional school of Computer programming and Innovations Burgas.


  • In 2019 our colleagues started a new class “System engineering” in “Technical University – Sofia”.
  • And from 2020, proposed and supported by “Visteon Bulgaria”, is staring a new Bachelor program –  “Automotive engineering”.

Team Spirit

Visteon Moto Group initiatives

  • Every summer the club organizes Moto Fridays for the colleagues – It is a fun team-building events, where we can feel the thrill of being a motorcycle passenger on different bikes, learn interesting facts about motorcycles and get to know each other.
  • Moto school for employees was a fun event with educational goal. We learned how to ride a pocket bike (a light motorcycle designed for use away from public roads) on a specially designed track with obstacles, interesting facts about the main components of the machine and its behavior.

Celebrating success

We love to celebrate our successful achievements, knowing that every goal we attain is because of the social synergy between us.