Visteon Engineering Academy

Academy overview

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

For you, future Engineering Academy students this transformation starts with: “Be the engineer who is constantly expanding his own skills”. Therefore, we provide you with teachers, materials and dedicated time to allow you to step into the world of automotive electronics with ease, open mind and courage.

For us, the Visteon electronics engineers working on more than 280 active projects for world biggest car manufacturers this means “Be the teacher you have always wanted to have.” With more than 20 years of engineering experience, we learned how to overcome the challenges in designing safe, reliable, cyber secure automotive electronics, and we are excited to share this knowledge with you.

Academy Goals

Learn basics to design, build and test an automotive product

Automotive electronics engineering basics

See C/C++/Algorithms/Data structures through error-free and robust software for real world embedded products

Be trained in approaches to analyze, debug, solve and test complex practical software problems in real world environment

Find out what is real time operation / computing and OS. How to deal with limited computing power and resources

Discover advanced testing methods, techniques and tools that combine into highly automated test execution rate.

Academy courses

The modules include in-class trainings, real project environment examples and practical exercises.

Each course consists of lectures / exercises taken 8 hours per week on average and home work exercises. Each home work exercise is part of final grading for the module.

For those who successfully graduate from the program we can offer

– Visteon internship program for 3-6 months

– Visteon labour contract as Junior Engineer

Accelerating young talents

In February 2021 we will kick-off the long waited sixth Engineering Academy. All these years we have been receiving hundreds of submissions to choose from for the 4 month educational event. The zealous preparation and tireless efforts guaranteed successful graduation and place in the Visteon teams for more than 100 participants from 2015 up to now. Out trainers are finalizing updates of their learning materials and you – are you ready with your applications?

Software class

Module 1

C/C++ Fundamentals

Building a Program – Preprocessing, Compilation, Linking

Program Segments and Run-Time Execution

Fundamentals of (Real-Time) Operating Systems


Module 2

Automotive Electronics Basics for Software Engineers

Software for Embedded Systems

Basic Engineering Approach and Problem Solving Skills

Fundamentals of Algorithms and Data Structures



Module 3

UML and object oriented design/ C++/ design patterns

STL / Advanced algorithms and data structures

Test and Validation class

Module 1

Automotive Systems Overview

Programming Basics

Automotive protocols – CAN, LIN, Ethernet etc.



Module 2

Test process and test principles

Test methods and test techniques

Test design techniques – test goals, test conditions, test expectations

Test results evaluation – defects classification, defect tracking tools, defects preventive mechanisms

Tools that support testing – test definition, test execution and test management


Module 3

Test design – basic features Driver Information

Test design – basic features Infotainment

Tools advanced module

The program could be subject to change.