1. Present yourself in a few sentences.

I consider myself a highly motivated, adaptive and organized systems engineer with extensive interdisciplinary and multi-cultural experience. In my private life I love travelling, playing tennis and football, and spending time with family and friends.

2. What made you decide to work at Visteon? What gave Visteon the “edge” compared to other firms you were considering?

For me the most decisive factor was the team I knew I would join. During my first stay at the company I met a lot of very talented colleagues who put great value on team work. I believe this is the only way one truly excels at what he does, by reaching his goals working in a great team. Another key factor was the scope of the position and field of work. For several years I wanted to go back to working in the automotive sector and my dream finally came true in Visteon.

3. You have worked in Visteon before and after that you got international experience in Germany. Why did you decide to look for career opportunities in Bulgaria again?

I know one can develop professionally very well abroad, but after spending 12 years in Germany and Sweden I strongly belief in the simple saying: “There is no place like home”. When I realized I could also reach my professional goals in Bulgaria it was a very simple and easy choice.

4. What are your primary responsibilities in your current role?

I am part of the System Engineering department at Visteon Sofia and my current role is Senior Systems Engineer. The project I am currently working on is an Instrument Cluster for a well-known and established German OEM. My main responsibilities include the development and maintenance of the product system specification as well as the investigation of risk assessment and mitigation strategies in order to ultimately improve product quality. Moreover, I am in constant contact with all other skills and the customer in order to ensure that the customer technical requirements are understood, fulfilled and verified.

5. What is one of the best parts of your job? What do you enjoy most about working at Visteon?

I find it very exciting and challenging to work with sophisticated automotive components on a system level. This helps me learn something new every day and develop constantly. Moreover, I really enjoy the dynamics of the Systems Engineer position. I am in constant contact with talented and ambitious engineers within Visteon and at our customers. All of these make working for Visteon a true pleasure.

6. Something valuable you learnt in your work at Visteon?

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned in Visteon is that high professionalism and dedication ultimately lead to high efficiency and great products.

7. What might surprise people about working in automotive electronics?

I think in general people tend to underestimate the complexity of automotive systems, how crucial they are in our everyday life and the manpower needed in order to successfully develop products for major OEMs.

8. What is today’s biggest challenge in your work?

One of the biggest challenges in my line of work is the engineering complexity of the products we develop. A Systems Engineer should possess an excellent system level understanding of the product which in our case includes topics from software, hardware, mechanics and optics. Another key challenge I face every day is the efficient communication with external and internal stakeholders. Often one needs to achieve a fine balance in order to keep customer satisfaction high while complying with internal schedules and resources.

9. Do you have any career tips for others?

Do not settle at a position you are not entirely happy with and keep saying “yes” to trying new things at work. Being outside your comfort zone would greatly accelerate your professional growth.

10. What would you say to someone who is considering applying for a job at Visteon?

I would say the work climate in the company is fantastic and the possibilities for future development are excellent. If you join Visteon you would be at the far front of automotive electronics research and development and you will be working with a talented team who will make even the hardest chores at work seem like a lot of fun.