Visteon market-leading electronics solutions offer convenience, connectivity, and – above all driving enjoyment.

Visteon delivers innovative in-vehicle user experiences through its core automotive and consumer electronics-derived solutions in User Interfaces; Connectivity and Open Architectures.

Instrument Clusters

Clusters are evolving from analog meters and gauges to all-digital clusters that provide the information you need for a safe, convenient and stress-free drive. Visteon’s all-digital clusters combine vehicle driving information including speed, fuel or charge level, trip distance computer, etc., with comfort information such as outside temperature, clock and air vent control. In addition, these digital clusters work with the vehicle infotainment system to control multimedia, browse a phone book or make a call, or select a destination address for navigation. In other words, the digital instrument cluster is a portal to the full electronics features of the modern automotive cockpit. Visteon’s digital clusters offer an intuitive user interface to present this information in an ergonomic and easy-to-consume manner, making your journey a relaxed and pleasant experience.


LCD displays in cars have been flat, rectangular and low resolution since the beginning. However, as the cockpit becomes a smart mobile digital assistant, there is increased need for bigger, higher-resolution, more immersive displays.  Next-generation cockpit displays are curved and offer high resolution at much larger sizes than current displays. Visteon is one of the largest suppliers of automotive displays to the industry and has multiple years of experience in critical aspects of automotive use cases, such as head impact safety, long life, extreme temperatures, vibrations and reflectivity.

Domain Controller

The integrated digital cockpit of the future will consist of multiple displays powered by a single domain controller for instrument cluster, infotainment, connectivity, HUD and driver monitoring functions. The domain controller consolidates ECUs, offering higher CPU and GPU computing power for an improved user experience. It also lowers system cost and simplifies OTA software updates, while reducing weight and power consumption, which are increasingly important for electric vehicles. Visteon’s SmartCore™ was the industry’s first domain controller – launched with Mercedes Benz in March 2018.

With the evolution of SmartCore™, Class 7 and above commercial vehicles can now offer the same digital cockpit electronics experience as well-equipped passenger vehicles. SmartCore™ drives large multiple digital displays, seamlessly blending vehicle information and infotainment features to enhance convenience, comfort and productivity. Dual Bluetooth™ technology enables concurrent connection of the driver’s business and personal phone to the infotainment system, reducing distraction. It takes the driver experience to the next level by supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as allowing integration of third-party applications for navigation and fleet management.