Visteon market-leading electronics solutions offer convenience, connectivity, and – above all driving enjoyment.

Visteon delivers innovative in-vehicle user experiences through its core automotive and consumer electronics-derived solutions in User Interfaces; Connectivity and Open Architectures.

We design and deliver a wide range of instrument panels from low cost efficient solutions to multi processor devices with high resolution dual TFT color displays. For the low-line segment we use proven technologies such as monochrome and high-resolution LCD displays to perform a wide range of information tasks. Reliable stepper motors assure consistent instruments performance in wide temperature range. For more demanding vehicle models in the high-line variants we develop products that display basic vehicle information using technical solutions that are more appealing to the driver. The increased computing power of this type of devices is guaranteed usually by dual microprocessor platform optimized for intense network communication and smooth graphics drawing.

Central and rear – Our display systems are constantly pushing towards reducing the drivers’ workload, and consequently enhancing his driving experience. Navigation, entertainment and vehicle information are accessible through an intuitive, yet not intrusive interface and control is assured by reliable touch screen technology. We have long term experience in developing best in class central and rear displays for premium European and US automakers.

Head-up display – Rather exotic type of instrument in the past, the Head-up display (HUD) has
quickly claimed its own place in the vehicle cockpit. The secret is aiming for simplicity in showing
data and achieving strong augmented reality effect. The semi-transparent mirror allows the driver
to consult basic vehicle info without taking his eyes away from the road ahead. From monochrome
solution in the past, nowadays we supply our customers with full color HUDs.

Body Control Modules – Body Control Modules perform a wide range of tasks, including controlling the interior lighting, door locking mechanisms, or windshield wipers. This device is usually the one with highest degree of connections. The control of all the interior electronics requires hardware reliable in wide range of environmental conditions. We have proven our capabilities with millions of products so far.

Park-Distance Warning Displays – A simple device saving many problems. Compact instrument, maximum benefit: Our Park-Distance Warning Displays ensure that drivers can perform tricky parking maneuvers without causing any damage.

Clocks – Our high-quality clocks always display the correct time due to a CAN or LIN interface or radio control. It may look simple but it takes ingenuity to make it precise. We know how to do it and premium automakers appreciate that.

Keyfobs – When it comes to security, vehicle access electronics are the first to discourage every ill intentioned intervention. Our Key Fob combines numerous functions in a compact module. This radio-controlled locking system allows keyless locking and unlocking, activates the vehicle’s immobilizer, and also triggers other mechanisms. Leveraging bidirectional communication also permits information to be received from the vehicle, such as the fuel level, battery status, alarm information, or tire pressures.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Vehicle tire pressure information is an important driver assistance function. Our radio-controlled Tire Pressure Monitoring System displays the current tire pressure for all four tires, and provides automatic warning of any loss of pressure, meaning the driver is made aware of tire problems in a timely fashion and can react accordingly. Our award winning patent has been a solution of choice for millions of vehicles.

Global Infotainment System – Our advanced infotainment system allows drivers to seamlessly connect their mobile devices to make and receive calls, send texts, listen to streaming radio, access social media, and more – all while safely navigating to their destination. The system can be controlled using natural language voice recognition, the 8“ capacitive touch display or the convenient commander knob and for added safety, certain functions are restricted when the vehicle is in motion. This global platform features scalability and cost efficiencies for virtually any region or application.

SmartCore – SmartCore is not only product it is also a design philosophy. It’s the integration of the traditional driver information, infotainment and connectivity with a focus on seamless Human Machine Interaction (HMI). The concept is to allow multiple domains to run side by side on a scalable hardware through multiple operating systems with extended graphics. This product has an industry first – taking multiple, independent graphics streams and compositing them to provide the appropriate level of information to the driver and passenger.

4G LTE Global Telematics System – As the connected vehicle ecosystem evolves, automakers are broadening their solutions to include global platforms and additional vehicles. The challenge is to design a single solution that will be cost competitive, yet meet the unique needs of the regional ecosystems. Visteon’s 4G LTE Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is built on a single hardware architecture that supports regional requirements through unique modem implementations. In partnership with Autonet Mobile, the system incorporates TCU hardware and Cloud services for a complete beginning to end solution.